Are you currently getting your electricity or natural gas from Enmax? Easymax? Direct Energy EPCOR? Switching is easy!

What makes Sponsor Energy different? We provide low priced electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses, and share 50% of our profits on every kWh of electricity and every GJ of gas consumed by our customers with the Community Partner of your choice. Join the Sponsor Energy movement! Turn your ordinary, everyday “grudge” purchase of electricity and gas into a tool to change the world.

Our costs? We are getting you whole sale pricing. With Sponsor Energy, we pass through all of the costs of getting energy to your property without adding any mark-up, then charge you a small fee for serving as your retailer. This means that you’ll pay the real WHOLESALE market price for the electricity and gas that you use. No high fixed rates with hidden retailer profit margins. With energy markets at historic lows, we are committed to passing this value directly on to you! It’s 100% straight-up, honest and fair; and here’s the exciting bit – our charges are only 1¢ per kWh and 89¢ per GJ consumed – that’s straight-up prices with no place to hide. With only 10 days notice to get out, at any time, without any penalty, you really can’t go wrong!

power prices

What does this really mean? In May, the average electricity WHOLESALE price was 1.6¢ per kWh – that means you would have been paying less than 3 cents for every kWh you consumed compared to the average fixed price contract of more than 6¢/kWh.


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