Our Top-Up program is an easy, hassle-free to way to make a small (but significant) monthly contribution to your charity of choice.

You have the choice to add on your own contribution – in addition to Sponsor Energy’s donation – by “topping up” and chosing to make an additonal micro-donation to the charity. Choose either from a fraction of a cent per kWh (1/4 cent, 1/2 cent, 1 cent, 2 cent) to a flat monthly donation ( $5, $10).  100% of this money goes directly to the charity that you have designated and you get a tax receipt for any amounts over $25 annually.

It’s optional!​

  • If you do “Top-Up” – your charity will receive the Sponsor Energy profit sharing portion, PLUS your donation
  • If you don’t “Top-Up” – the charity  you have chosen STILL benefits from your support, as Sponsor Energy makes a donation of half of the profits it makes from your electricity consumption.

How do I “Top-up”?

On the SIGNUP form, choose the “Optional Top-Up” and select the amount of your monthly donation. Remember – it is entirely optional and your charity will benefit whether or not you top-up!


Use your POWER for GOOD!

Example: A typical household that uses 600 kWh /month would be donating:

  • 1/4 Penny Top-Up = $2/month
  • 1 Penny Top-Up =$6/month

You get a charitable tax receipt

The charity that you have chosen will issue you a charitable tax receipt for all "top-up" amounts $25 and over annually.