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Beakerhead looks and feels like one of the most engaging and delightful ways you could spend five glorious days in September. Look a little deeper and you’ll see that Beakerhead couldn’t be more important to our future – as individuals, as companies, and as a culture. For decades, we have been streaming people into either technical or creative occupations, and yet it is precisely at their intersection where ingenuity lives. Beakerhead brings together the arts and engineering sectors to build and exhibit interactive works of art, spectacle and entertainment, culminating in a five-day international phenomenon every September. From outdoor artworks and late-night laboratories, to contests and celebrations, interactive digital events to event premieres, Beakerhead is a crucible for human ingenuity. learn more at:


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You have the opportunity to help – just by switching from your current energy company to Sponsor Energy. Whether you are a residential or small business customer, we will make a donation of 50% of our profits on your electricity and natural gas usage to the Beakerhead each month.


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