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YOU have the power to help end homelessness now, make the switch. Homelessness in Calgary is an important social issue that requires a coordinated and collective societal response. Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care is that response. Calgary’s Homeless-serving System of Care is a network of agencies working together to ensure those at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness have timely access to the right housing with the right supports. The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) has the expertise, does the research, analyzes the data and measures the gaps and progress. We mobilize best practices in funding, education, program delivery measurements and advocate for policy advancements so Calgary can reach its goal of ending homelessness. Creating an effective, nimble, system of care allows you to connect individuals to the right resources as compassionately and quickly as possible. Ending homelessness happens one person at a time by matching the right person, with the right housing, with the right supports. YOU have the power to help end homelessness now, make the switch. learn more at:

Calgary Homeless Foundation

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You have the opportunity to help – just by switching from your current energy company to Sponsor Energy. Whether you are a residential or small business customer, we will make a donation of 50% of our profits on your electricity and natural gas usage to the Calgary Homeless Foundation each month.


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