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Impact Society is a Canadian non-profit and national leader in youth development. We are working to build a nation of confident youth living with character, integrity and purpose. With over eighteen years of experience, Impact Society is a national expert, offering HEROES® and other related programs in schools across North America. We’ve helped over 150,000 youth discover their gifts and abilities. We work to create communities filled with empowered youth who inspire others and create positive change. We are passionate about building strengths-focused communities around youth. learn more at:

Impact Society

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You have the opportunity to help – just by switching from your current energy company to Sponsor Energy. Whether you are a residential or small business customer, we will make a donation of 50% of our profits on your electricity and natural gas usage to the Impact Society each month.


It does not cost you any extra – in fact, we offer one of the most competitive packages in the province.


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