Energy Allies

Release Date: June 20, 2013 

Sponsor Energy and AltaGas Ltd. collaborate to empower local charities

Calgary, Alberta – Sponsor Energy, an Alberta-based energy retailer and social enterprise has reached an agreement with AltaGas Ltd. (AltaGas) to supply electricity and natural gas to commercial and industrial clients while also supporting local charities with every unit of energy consumed.

“This agreement allows Sponsor Energy to expand its services offering from residential and small business customers in Alberta to much larger commercial, industrial and institutional clients who also want to be good corporate citizens,” said Carolyn Martin, President  & CEO of Sponsor Energy.

Businesses throughout Alberta can now obtain electricity and natural gas services at competitive rates through Sponsor Energy while empowering a local charity of their choice with their energy usage.

“Our customers benefit from reliable electricity and natural gas services, and a charity of their choice benefits   from every kilowatt of power, or gigajoule of gas that they consume,” said Martin. “These companies have to buy power and gas anyway, so why not help a local charity and save money at the same time?”


Media contact:  Carolyn Martin, President & CEO, Sponsor Energy Inc.,     1-855-545-1160




Sponsor Energy Inc. is an energy retailer that is committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability and has formed  Community   Partnerships with charitable organizations ranging from food banks and homeless shelters to animal rescue shelters and health-related organizations across Alberta.

AltaGas Ltd. is an energy infrastructure business with a focus on natural gas, power and regulated utilities. AltaGas creates value by acquiring, growing and optimizing its energy infrastructure, including a focus on clean energy sources.  Last year, AltaGas gifted $1.4 million to over 350 organizations across North America. For more information visit: