If I signed up on a contract with another retailer,can I still switch to Sponsor?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’. Most retailers (Enmax, Easymax, Direct Energy) only requires 30 days notice to cancel. If you are on the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) with Epcor, Enmax, Fortis, ATCO), you can cancel anytime.

​We recommend that you call your current supplier to inquire about your notice period and any exit terms to be sure you won’t incur any penalties or fees when you join Sponsor Energy.
•             Enmax RRO or EasyMax: 403-310-2010
•             Direct Energy RRO: 1-888-420-3181
•             Direct Energy Retailer: 1-866-374-6299
•             Just Energy: 1-877-745-9553
•             EPCOR or Encor: 780-310-4300; 1-800-667-2345

​If you are locked in to a term contract with the other retailer, we recommend that you check the terms of your contract. If you have a long-term fixed contract, we encourage you to honour the contract commitments. When your contract expires, however, we hope you will consider switching. Sponsor Energy does not lock any home into a long-term contract – you can switch from us with only 10 days notice. For commercial customers, exit terms sometimes apply.

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