Innovative Energy and Technology Partnerships with First Nations put the Power into the Hands of Indigenous Communities

Calgary, October 3, 2016 – Harailya LP, a Cold Lake First Nations development company, invites interested media and industry members to attend a press conference at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Calgary (Imperial Ballroom; third floor).

Harailya LP (a Cold Lake First Nations development company) today announced the signing of partnering agreements to bring new well abandonment technology and innovative energy supply via two innovative partnerships with Winterhawk and Sponsor Energy Inc..

The first agreement with Sponsor Energy (www.sponsorenergy.com)  employs a creative profit-sharing mechanism that allows for end-use customers of electricity and natural gas within individual First Nations territories to aggregate their purchasing power to generate lower costs at the same time as giving back to their communities.  The second agreement with Winterhawk Well Abandonment Ltd. offers innovative, proprietary technology to abandon wells.

These partnerships are a win-win for First Nations and Indigenous groups, the environment and for industry to move forward in collaboration with Indigenous groups towards sustainable development and application of technology.

The conference will be held immediately after the formal program of the Indian Resource Council (IRC Inc.) Pipeline Gridlock Conference.

The Harailya LP and Sponsor Energy partnership will revolutionize how First Nations and other indigenous groups procure and manage energy. It employs a creative profit-sharing mechanism that allows for end-use customers of electricity and natural gas within individual First Nations territories to give back to their communities without paying more for energy. This is a way for communities to help fund their community development goals and to build sustainable, long term and profitable relationships on a commodity that they have to consume anyway.

The Harailya LP and Winterhawk Well Abandonment partnership offers innovative, proprietary technology to help the upstream petroleum industry show leadership in sustainable production by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from oil and natural gas wells known to leak toxic substances through. Winterhawk developed a thermal-mechanical abandonment tool (TMAT) to provide a means to permanently seal wells that have reached the end of their commercial lives. This technology will be used in place of the cement-and-bridge-plug abandonment technique, which may result in surface casing vent flow (SCVF) leakage.

Nico Duursema, CEO of Harailya LP, will give the opening remarks and introduce the following partners:

  • Dean Manywounds, Chairman of the IRC Board, and Stephen Buffalo, President, IRC Indian Resource Council
  • Walter Janvier, Chairman of the Board, Harailya LP
  • Bernice Martial, Chief and Council Chief, Cold Lake First Nations and a number of councillors
  • Sheldon Wuttunee, President, Saskatchewan First Nations and Natural Resource Center of Excellence
  • Carolyn Martin, President and CEO; Kelly Gunsch, COO, and board members Chris Bedford and Donna Kennedy-Glans; Sponsor Energy Inc.
  • Dale Kunz, President; Joseph Hautzinger and Glenn Roberts, Directors, Winterhawk Well Abandonment Ltd.
  • Peter Farkas and Ron Opperman, Directors, Cerilon Inc.
  • Representatives from oil and gas industry corporations that may include: Schlumberger Canada Ltd.; Finning CAT;  Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.; Dechen LP; Questerre Energy Corporation