Power & Gas

We sell the same boring electricity and natural gas that everybody else sells, but what makes us … well … us is that we pay $50 to the charity of your choice – at zero extra cost to you – on every signup! Learn more about our charities here. You could save big when you switch to us and support your community at the same time!


1 – Fixed Plan 

This is our traditional fixed plan – one of the best rates in Alberta on power and gas – avoid rising prices and keep it safe for 5 years!


 – Electricity Fixed 5 Year Plan = 9.3 cents /kWh 

 – Natural Gas Fixed 5 Year Plan = $5.49 /GJ 


* ZERO admin fees, + (50 cents/day/site fixed charge + normal distribution charges, supplier charges, taxes, etc) 


2 – Floating/Variable Plan

Fluctuates based on the wholesale cost of power and gas at any given time – you can mix and match a floating product with a fixed product (ie: floating gas, fixed power), etc.

FAQs about our Fixed Plans: 

How can I switch to you if I am a NEW customer?

You can signup in minutes! Just click on the SIGNUP button, choose the plan that best suits your needs and fill out the info in 5 easy steps!  Your current energy provider will be automatically notified by us that you have made the switch to us as your new provider.  Make sure you have your banking info handy, as our system is set up for pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank each month.  You will receive an invoice/statement by email each month and the amount of your invoice will automatically come out 5 days later – no need to do anything.

What about the distribution and transmission charges associated with my bill?

Unfortunately , as a retailer, we have zero control over those. This is entirely the realm of your distribution company (Enmax, ATCO, Fortis, etc – depends on where you live) and will be added on to your bill each month based on the information provided to us by the Distribution company in your area – as a retailer, we make no markup on these and by law have to flow them through to you on your bill, collect them from you and pay them directly to the distribution company. The regulated distribution companies provide us with the delivery charges to be placed on your bill each month. We collect these monies from you, and flow them through to the distribution companies. We do not earn a return or mark-up on these charges in any way. Regardless of which competitive retailer you choose, these charges will remain the same.

What other Terms and Conditions should I be aware of?

You can view all of our Terms and Conditions here. Let us know if you have any questions about any of these terms!

What are the admin fees?

There are ZERO Admin fees on our traditional Fixed plan (just a 50 cents/day fee/site).  

What happens if I have bad credit? No credit? Can’t pay the credit deposit or don’t want a credit check?

No problem!  You can join our “Pay-As-You-Go Plan – the cost is exactly the same as our normal plans, you just pay weekly (rather than monthly).  Your payment would be basically your normal monthly invoice, just broken up into 4 payments (each week) rather than 1 payment per month. No credit check, no deposit, no extra cost! Your first weekly payment is due on your start date (based on an estimate for the upcoming month) then every week thereafter a payment would come out. You continue to get monthly statements, but weekly payments! Sign up for this plan here: https://billhub.ca/signup/sponsorweekly

What happens if I leave before the 5 years is up?

There is a break fee on our fixed contracts to break the contract – as we have to pay our supplier a break fee in return.  If you move to another location in Alberta, you can port your contract and not be subject to the break fee.

Commercial Energy should not only power your business, it should empower your community. Sponsor Energy offers ultra-competitive gas and electricity plans for small business, commercial and industrial facilities that allow you to take advantage of lower energy bills, and give back to your community.

Contact us for a customized quote at 1-855-545-1160 or email us at corporate@sponsorenergy.com

Use your Power for Good. Start today.