Power & Gas


We sell the same electricity and natural gas, through the same lines as everybody else, but what makes us totally different is that we pay $50 to the charity of your choice – at zero extra cost to you – just by making the switch to us. Learn more about our charities here. You could save big when you switch to us and support your community at the same time!


1 – “Afford-a-Bill” Plan – one low monthly cost for energy each month – regardless of how high power or natural gas prices climb! No “true-up” month – same price on energy each month for the entire term.


2 – Variable Plan – is our floating rate for both electricity and natural gas based on the direct wholesale cost of energy which fluctuates month to month based on market conditions. We pass these costs directly on to you plus a small retail/admin fee per kWh and GJ

Commercial, Non-Profit & Small Business

Energy should not only power your business, it should empower your community. Sponsor Energy offers ultra-competitive gas and electricity plans for small business, commercial and industrial facilities that allow you to take advantage of lower energy bills, and give back to your community.


Contact us for a customized quote at 1-855-545-1160 or email us at corporate@sponsorenergy.com

Use your power for good. Start today.