About Us

We are a socially conscious energy broker. We provide power and natural gas to homes and businesses, allowing you to turn a grudge purchase into a benefit for the community.

No extra cost. It’s really that simple.

Let’s face it none of us get excited about paying our electricity and natural gas bills, so we asked ourselves, what if we could change that? What if we could create a better model, one that kept prices low, terms fair and allowed for 50% of our profits to go to a wide variety of charities who make a difference in peoples lives?


meet our charity partners

We offer very competitive rates and are able to keep our prices low through strategic partnerships with suppliers in deregulated markets across North America, through our paperless billing system and through our marketing platform that profit-shares with charities and non-profits organizations. All of this means better prices for you as a consumer and the ability to direct a donation to the charity of your choice at zero extra cost to you.

That’s called “Using your Power for Good”!

By switching to Sponsor Energy, you can:


Support the Community

We share 50% of our profits on each customer’s electricity and natural gas usage to the Community Partner of their choice.


Support Local

We are a local business, serving Albertans and employing Albertans. Our Call Centre is located in Calgary, AB

Our Customers

 Enjoy Great Rates

Whether you are a commercial or a residential customer, it is important to us to keep our rates low and our service exceptional.