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How can I switch to you if I am a new customer?

You can sign up in minutes! Just click the SIGNUP button, choose the plan that best suits your needs, and fill out the info in 5 easy steps! You will receive an approval email when your application is approved and we will reach out to you if we need additional info. We take care of notifying your current provider that you have made the switch to us - no need to do anything!

What payment methods do you accept? Can I pay by credit card?

Our billing system, “BillHub” has a variety of payment methods available. By far, the most common and easiest method is Direct Debit but we also accept, Online payments, Credit Cards, or eTransfer.  Please choose one of the below methods:

1. Direct Debit – (also known as pre-authorized debit/PAD or automatic withdrawal). You provide your banking information securely to us, either by entering it here: by providing us a copy of a VOID cheque or the numbers at the bottom of your cheque. Your payment will come out every month automatically on the due date of your bill – no need to do anything!

2. Credit Card – you provide your credit card details andthe payments come automatically off your credit card each month on the due date. Note there is a 2.4% transaction fee for this method. You can provide your credit card information, or make a one time payment, securely here:

3. Online Banking - We are now set up as “BillHub” for online banking, telephone and in-branch payments! Most financial institutions will offer this, so if you can find BillHub on the drop-down list of “payees” with your financial institution, you can use it! You can also speak to your teller at your bank (be sure to have your account number with you when you go in).

How to Set up a Payee using Online Banking:

  • Sign in to your online banking, find the option to Add a Payee
  • Search for BILLHUB and select it
  • Add your account number, which can be found on the top right of your power/gas bill

4.eTransfer - You can send an etransfer via email to

What about the distribution and transmission charges associated with my bill?

Unfortunately, as a retailer, we have zero control over those. This is entirely the realm of your distribution company (Enmax, ATCO, Fortis, etc. – depending on where you live) and will be added to your bill each month based on the information provided to us by the Distribution company in your area – as a retailer, we make no markup on these and by law have to flow them through to you on your bill, collect them from you and pay them directly to the distribution company. The regulated distribution companies provide us with the monthly delivery charges on your statement. We collect these monies from you and flow them to the distribution companies. We do not earn a return or markup on these charges in any way. These charges will remain the same regardless of which competitive retailer you choose.

What are the admin fees?

Admin fees are $4.99/month with the 39 cents/site daily rate for fixed promo with no break fees.

What happens if I need better credit? No credit? Can’t pay the credit deposit or don’t want a credit check?

No problem! Suppose you must meet the credit threshold when we do a credit check. Or you know before you even apply that your credit may be less than perfect (or less than 600).‍We have a “Low-Credit” Plan that offers you just a slightly higher rate than our normal plan (but still very competitive with the competition and certainly against the RRO):‍

  • No deposit required‍
  • ‍No credit check required
  • No enrollment/sign up fee‍‍
  • No break fees if you terminate the contract early‍

‍In that case, you are pre-approved for our “Skip Credit Plan" – you will pay just 2 cents/kWh more than our discount plan and $1/GJ more on gas.

What happens if I leave before the five years are up?

There are no break fees on residential contracts – total freedom!

Why do I have Estimated Readings on my invoice?

The estimated days of consumption make up the difference between when we receive your meter reading, and when we send out your bill. As estimates are an industry standard, these numbers are based on the historic usage of your residence.

As with all estimate readings, on your next invoice there will be a “true up” where we will use actual readings to reconcile any differences from the previous estimate. So basically, if it is estimated too high, then next month when we get the data for that period, there will be a refund.

Check UCA Help for more Information(Click Here)

Why is my power turning on and off when I use major appliances?

A limiter may have been put on your site from a previous retailer (often due to non-payment of a utility account - maybe from previous owners or tenants).

Limiter: A limiter is used to restrict the flow of electricity. It allows a small amount of power to flow through the meter to maintain minimal service at a location, instead of completely shutting off the power.

What discounts do I get from TELUS products?

Our partnership with TELUS is such that we can offer highly discounted pricing to all new TELUS customers (up to 25% off of their best posted online pricing) on Internet, TV and Home  Security products. 

You can find TELUS on our sign up page!  Sign up today!

Once you sign up for power and gas with us and become a residential customer of Sponsor Energy, a TELUS representative will contact you directly to discuss area discounts available to you! You will also receive a secret code at the end of signing up that you will need to unlock your savings!

Are you an existing Sponsor Energy customer? Send us a quick email to  and we will have a TELUS representative reach out to you.

As an extra bonus, for every person that TELUS signs up, $50 will be donated to a local Alberta based Charity!

- Pricing on products and bundles are subject to change and vary from Region to Region

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message